What Happens When Your Body’s Coenzyme Q10 Levels Are Low

Written on July 17, 2015 at 9:11 am, by lynn.gordon

Every cell in the body contains a special enzyme called coenzyme q10 and while this is produced internally up until a certain age, sooner or later you’re going to have to consider taking supplement sin order to help your body function optimally at every age. Since this enzyme is necessary for energy production, when the body is unable to produce it in adequate amounts, you’re going to experience a wide range of side effects and health risks as we’re going to see below.



Heart Failure

Since coenzyme q10 is very well known for its role in maintain a healthy heart, if you don’t get enough of it then you’re going to be a lot more susceptible to heart conditions, such as heart failure or heart attack.

High Blood Pressure

Based in several research studies performed on coenzyme q10, it was discovered that it has the power to actually lower blood pressure if people use it for at least four to twelve weeks. On top of that, it seems that q10 can also correct a specific metabolic abnormality that’s usually connected to high blood pressure.

Other Uses

As you age, the level of coenzyme q10 in your body is going to decrease and that is why supplementing your body with it is necessary to stay in good health. Coenzyme q10 deficiency has been linked many times with age related health issues including muscular dystrophy, diabetes, cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Side Effects

There are currently no know side effects as a result of taking coenzyme q10, but as a measure of precaution, it’s recommended that breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women refrain from using it.


If you want to take coenzyme q10 in supplement form, then you should aim for a dosage of twenty five milligrams of it, twice a day. However, it seems that there are some experimental dosages you may want to know about. For instance, if you have heart disease, then you can take one hundred milligrams of per day. One hundred and twenty and four hundred milligrams are recommended for those who’ve suffered a heart attack and for the treatment of various types of cancers respectively.

Get It From A Trusted Seller

Last but not least, you should make sure that you get coenzyme q10 only from a well reputed seller in order to have the peace of mind that you’re getting your hands on the real deal and not some counterfeit and possibly dangerous product.


Prevent Water Damage Floors

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water damage repair

Fashionable Bandage Dresses

Written on June 11, 2015 at 11:57 am, by lynn.gordon

Now is the age of Fashion. Right from the Celebrities to any local neighbour, everybody is obsessed with fashion. People can sometimes even forget maintaining their health and hygiene or perhaps their near and dear ones, but one thing that they do not forget is fashionable dress. This is so especially in the youngsters and teenagers. Moreover, recent surveys and studies indicate that women are more prone to observe keenly the latest fashion trends as compared to their male counterparts.

In this article, specially suited to women, the different types of sexiest bandage dresses are considered. The hottest dresses can be classified as: Maxi dresses, Bandage dresses and Cocktail dresses.

The maxi dresses, as the name indicates are maximum length or long dresses suited for many formal and informal occasions. The dress was worn somewhere around the 1940s copying the Hollywood trend. These consist of a long skirts coupled with mostly short upper garments which are sometimes more appealing and hotter than the shorter dresses for a lean and tall body style.

The Cocktail dresses, again using the etymology, is a semi-formal or informal dresses used in parties, especially the cocktail ones. These appear very elegant and attractive.

The bandage dresses are as the name suggests appear to have a bandaged look. That is to have been made by stitching or attaching many strips of different forms or colours of cloth. These are compact and short dresses which are tighter and are the traditional form of hot dresses.

The sexiest bandage dresses are the ones that try to mildly or prominently expose the intimate parts of the body, like the breasts or the hips or sometimes even the back. Therefore in order to maintain the sexiest nature, these dresses must have bandage patterns at the intimate parts of the body aforementioned. Examples include:

– backless dresses (with the bandaging very thinly at the back)

– round neck backless dress (backless with additional round neck making it more sexier)

– sleeveless scoop collar dress

– sexy bodycon bandage dress (with bandaging in the front portion)

– one shoulder or two shoulder sexy bandage dress

– spaghetti bandage dress

– sexy halter neck bandage dress (with bandage in the form of a necklace at the neck portion)

– long sleeved low cutoff bandage dress

– criss-cross stitched strapless spaghetti bandage dress

– striped bandage dress with solid body colour (with bandaging in the form of stripes all throughout the body).

The dresses look more sexier if worn with additional supplements such as high heels and high tone make-up.